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Company Incorporation

Set up of a Trust

Pre Incorporated Company

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Contact :
+6 087-453 858
+6 087-452 858

Fax :
+6 087-453 616

Email :

Address :
Labuan Corporate Services,
U0195 Jalan Merdeka,
87007 F.T Labuan,


Our Services

Schedule of Fees

+ Incorporation: 3,000

+ Annual Renewal: 2,800

Additional Services
+ Professional Fees (Per Annum):

+ Professional Fees (Per Application):

+ Professional Fees (Per Hour):

Incorporation Fees consist of :

 a. Lodgement fee for Form 9 (Application for Reservation of Name)
 b. Lodgement fee for Memorandum & Articles of Association
 c. Lodgement fee for Form 24 (Consent to Act as Director)
 d. Lodgement fee for Form 6 (Statutory Declaration of Compliance)
 e. Attestation of Form 6
 f. Company Rubber Stamp
 g. Company Common Seal and,
 h. Company Signage, etc

Payment Details :

Beneficiary Account Name: EC Trust (Labuan) Bhd
Beneficiary Account No.: 393-215280-725
Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Labuan Branch, Malaysia
Swift address: HBMBMYKL
Beneficiary Bank US$ Agent: HSBC Bank USA, New York
Swift address: MRMDUS33, A/C No.: 000038326

We accept Credit Card Payment at :

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