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Combined with a flexible and favorable tax treatment and low cost of setting up and operating in Labuan IBFC, this framework has succeeded in attracting substantial numbers of international businesses to domicile in Labuan, including 60 world leading banks, 134 insurance and insurance-related companies, and 23 trust companies.

Benefits of Labuan Company

  1. No Exchange Control Regulations - Labuan entities are declared as Non Residents for foreign exchange control purposes.
  2. Attractive Tax Regime
    • Trading activities – Maximum tax of RM 20,000 (est, US$ 6,500)
    • Non trading activities - No tax - Eg, includes investment holdings funds investment, securities etc
  3. Tax exemptions for dividends paid to shareholders of a Labuan company
  4. Tax exemptions on Directors fee for non Malaysian citizen directors
  5. Non – Malaysian employees of Labuan companies are taxed on their 50% of their gross employment income
  6. Migration of Domicile Permitted
  7. Labuan, being part of Malaysia, has access to 70 Double Tax Agreements (DTA) entered into by Malaysia.

Double Tax Agreement (DTA)

As at 1 November 2010, the status of Malaysian DTAs are as follow:

Malaysia Double Tax Agreements | DTA Table

+ Effective DTA's:

Double Taxation Agreements Withholding Tax Rates

Click here to download PDF version

+ Effective Double Taxation Agreements:

+ Gazette Double Taxation Agreements:

+ Limited Agreements:

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